'Shaping fluid', a new perspective on ceramics by hanneke de leeuw

With Shaping Fluid, Christina Schou Christensen looks at ceramic glazes – normally used as a protective or ornamental finish for earthenware – from a new perspective. Christensen says that firing is a crucial step in the creative process: ‘With its unpredictable results, it acts as a sort of drafting process. The kiln, firing tools, ceramics, temperature and melting point of the glaze are like drafting tools that reveal new possibilities.’

Shaping Fluid was included in our Salone del Mobile 2013 coverage under the theme of 'Making It Yourself'. 'The younger generation of designers isn’t sitting back and waiting for a manufacturer to come along. They make things happen themselves.’ This is what Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility had to say when we bumped into him at the ceremony for the Lexus Design Award, for which Hecht mentored selected entrants.

The up-and-comers are indeed using their innovative nous to make the machines that make the products (rather than just focusing on the end result) or using materials in ways that they alone can control. They’re skipping corporate design politics and zooming in on the making process. The question is whether the lack of refined industrial methods will still yield quality results.


Source: frameweb.com

Testing, testing, 1, 2 by hanneke de leeuw

Short documentary showing fashion designers Oda Pausma, Pauline van Dongen and Borre Akkersdijk working with wool in the TextielLab for Wool Diaries, a project by The New Institute and the TextielMuseum. Wool Diaries is a project about textile innovation, heritage and sustainability. The results of these experiments with wool, three mini-collections of innovative, sustainable clothing, are exhibited in the TextielMuseum until 3 November 2013. Wool Diaries is made possible by the Woolmark Company. The film Wool Diaries is made by Robert Andriessen, designguide.tv. More information: http://www.premsela.org/en/activities/wool-diaries_1/ http://www.thenewinstitute.nl