Mid 2017, Fabrique Publique started research into the possibility of reusing broken and/or discarded ceramics as a valuable resource for new tableware.  It is clear that we cannot go on producing the way we are producing today, or we will create mountains of waste, losing tonnes of valuable materials. This is also the case with ceramics. Once we break a plate, mug or cup, we throw it into the waste bin and it goes to the incinerator.  With ‘Remake ceramics’, Fabrique Publique would like to use the waste material and make it a valuable resource for new products.
 Scottie is a chair that is based on the principle of a hot water bottle, both simple and effective. Warmth therapy is one of the oldest health treatments and is very effective for low back aches.   Initially, the chair was developed for people with reumatic problems, but the chair can be used by anyone who prefers to have her or his muscles warmed in winter.  In summer, it could also be used to cool down, when adding cold water to it.   Scottie can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.         
 PUBLIC PICNIC is ontworpen voor de designwedstrijd Collaboration-s (www.collaboration-s.nl). De picknick-set is ontstaan uit de wens om mensen te verbinden door ze samen te laten eten in de publieke ruimte. Terwijl mensen elkaar in de publieke ruimte op afstand houden, zeker wanneer ze eten, zorgt PUBLIC PICNIC juist voor contact.  Bij PUBLIC PICNIC zijn mensen op elkaar aangewezen om water te kunnen tappen of hun vlees, groenten en vis te kunnen grillen. De ene tafel is namelijk uitgerust met een kraantje terwijl de ander is voorzien van een BBQ. Dit zorgt voor een eenvoudige manier van contact leggen en samenwerken.
Winnaar ideëenwedstrijd voor drijvend cultureel paviljoen Breda
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    'Embrace your city' is a bracelet that has been inspired by the current popularity of tattoo’s. More and more people are seen wearing tattoo’s in all ranges of the population. It is a way to express who you are and where you come from.  The bracelet ‘Embrace your city’ is meant for people who like the part of expressing themselves with tattoo’s, but who want to change the image every now and then, and/or don’t want to be stuck with it for the rest of their lives.  The bracelet is meant to be worn on the upper arm, to give it the impression of a tattoo.     The bracelet takes the shape of different city centers, so people can express where they come from or with which city they familiarize themselves.  For the moment, the following city centers are envisaged: Breda, Den Bosch, Amsterdam (NL), Brussels (B), Basel (CH).      
Masterplan Park Grisar
Food Processor, tentoongesteld op 'Design September 2013"
Catwalk Tim van Steenbergen
Spel 'World Leader Pretend'
Moleskine project studiereis New York
Atelier Ruimte